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This is the built-in help made by Microsoft for the command 'Set-NfsMappingStore', in PowerShell version 5 - as retrieved from Windows version 'Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard' PowerShell help files on 2016-06-23.

For PowerShell version 3 and up, where you have Update-Help, this command was run just before creating the web pages from the help files.


Modifies configuration settings for an identity mapping store.


Set-NfsMappingStore [-ADDomainName <String>] [-AsJob] [-CimSession <CimSession[]>] [-EnableADLookup <Boolean>] [-EnableLdapLookup <Boolean>] [-EnableUNMLookup <Boolean>]
[-InputObject <CimInstance[]>] [-LdapNamingContext <String>] [-LdapServer <String>] [-PassThru] [-ThrottleLimit <Int32>] [-UNMServer <String>] [-Confirm] [-WhatIf]

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The Set-NfsMappingStore cmdlet modifies configuration settings for an identity mapping store that a Network File System (NFS) server uses.

You can enable only one mapping store. Valid values are: Active Directory domain, Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) server, and User Name Mapping (UNM) server.
The specified mapping store must be accessible from an NFS server.

Note that you cannot modify password lookup by using the Set-NfsMappingStore cmdlet. Password lookup is automatically enabled when passwd file is located in a folder in the
<system volume>:\system32\drivers\ path. You can also enable password mapping to Active Directory, LDAP, or UNM.



Online Version: http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?linkid=287510




Example 1: Enable an AD DS store

PS C:\> Set-NfsMappingStore -EnableADLookup $true -ADDomainName "Contoso.com"

This command enables an AD DS store on a local NFS server and sets the AD DS store mapping store to Contoso.com.

Example 2: Enable the default Active Directory Domain

PS C:\>Set-NfsMappingStore -EnableADLookup $true

This command enables the default ADDS store on a local NFS server and sets the default domain as the mapping store. The default domain refers to the domain to which this NFS
server belongs.

Example 3: Enable LDAP Lookup

PS C:\>Set-NfsMappingStore -EnableLDAPLookup $true –LdapServer "Contoso-LDAP"

This command enables an LDAP mapping lookup on a local NFS server, and sets the LDAP mapping store to Contoso-LDAP.