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This is the built-in help made by Microsoft for the command 'Get-WinHomeLocation', in PowerShell version 5 - as retrieved from Windows version 'Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard' PowerShell help files on 2016-06-23.

For PowerShell version 3 and up, where you have Update-Help, this command was run just before creating the web pages from the help files.


Gets the Windows GeoID home location setting for the current user account.


Get-WinHomeLocation [<CommonParameters>]

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The Get-WinHomeLocation cmdlet gets the value of the user GeoID setting and returns a .NET GeoID object. The Windows GeoID setting is a user setting that describes the home
location (that is, the country or region) of the current user account. Applications that require the current user account’s home location, such as a driver for a television
tuner application, can use this setting.

A table of GeoIDs is available at Table of Geographical Locations.



Online Version: http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/p/?linkid=287340
RegionInfo.GeoId Property




Example 1

PS C:\>Get-WinHomeLocation
HomeLocation Description

---- -----------

244 United States

This command returns the GeoID setting and its display name for the current user account.