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This is the built-in help made by Microsoft for the command 'Get-GPStarterGPO', in PowerShell version 5 - as retrieved from Windows version 'Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard' PowerShell help files on 2016-06-23.

For PowerShell version 3 and up, where you have Update-Help, this command was run just before creating the web pages from the help files.


Gets one Starter GPO or all Starter GPOs in a domain.


Get-GPStarterGPO [-All] [-Domain <String>] [-Server <String>] -Guid <Guid> [<CommonParameters>]
Get-GPStarterGPO [-All] [-Domain <String>] [-Server <String>] [<CommonParameters>]
Get-GPStarterGPO [-Name] <String> [-All] [-Domain <String>] [-Server <String>] [<CommonParameters>]

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The Get-GPStarterGPO cmdlet gets one Starter GPO or all Starter GPOs in a domain. You can specify the Starter GPO to retrieve either by display name or by GUID, or you can
specify the All parameter to get all the Starter GPOs in the domain.

You can use this cmdlet to get information about a StarterGPO, or you can create a new GPO from a specified Starter GPO by piping the output of this cmdlet into the New-GPO



Online Version: http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?linkid=287721




-------------------------- EXAMPLE 1 --------------------------

C:\PS>Get-GPStarterGPO -Name "Windows Vista EC User"

DisplayName : Windows Vista EC User
Id : 8780588e-ef91-442b-bd5f-2d50de7abf76
Owner : BUILTIN\Administrators
Created : 9/10/2008 12:18:46 PM
Modified : 4/26/2008 3:25:52 PM
UserVersion :
ComputerVersion :
StarterGpoVersion : 0
StarterGpoType : System
Author : Microsoft
Description : This Starter GPO contains the user Group Policy settings recommended for the Enterprise Client (EC) environment described in the Windows Vista security

For more information about each of these settings, see the Windows Vista Security Guide (http://go. microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkID=121852).



This command gets the "Windows Vista EC User" Starter GPO.

-------------------------- EXAMPLE 2 --------------------------

C:\PS>Get-GPStarterGPO -Name "Windows Vista EC User" | New-GPO -Name TestGPO-Comment "Create a GPO by using a Starter GPO"

DisplayName : TestGPO
DomainName : contoso.com
Owner : CONTOSO\Domain Admins
GpoId : f2828b5c-363a-41f6-afb1-5fa111df715f
GpoStatus : AllSettingsEnabled
Description : Create a GPO by using a Starter GPO
CreatedTime : 2/5/2009 6:46:04 PM
LastModified : 2/5/2009 6:46:04 PM
UserVersion : AD Version: 1, SysVol Version: 1
ComputerVersion : AD Version: 1, SysVol Version: 1
WmiFilter :



This command creates a GPO named TestGPO from the "Windows Vista EC User" Starter GPO. The Starter GPO is retrieved by the Get-GPStarterGPO command and is then piped into
the New-GPO command to create the new GPO.